Rsync Remote Backup Service FTP SSH

1DollarBackup offers Remote data backup services for Dedicated, Shared and VPS servers.

Cheap prices as low as 2.0¢ per GB with Web interface.
1DollarBackup provides a secure, reliable offsite backup solution for Affordable prices. Start from $1/month

1DollarBackup Remote Backup Service.

Enjoy peace of mind in safeguarding critical business and data.

Hardware failures or natural disasters may put critical business data at risk. 1DollarBackup safeguards critical data assets with reliable backup on schedule. If a natural disaster strikes your home or business will you lose all of your data? Unless you regularly take your backup data offsite, chances are everything will be lost. You can use your 1DollarBackup account to backup your data from dedicated servers, shared hosting accounts, and cloud services or VPS.


Rsync offsite Backup Service.

No Hidden or Setup fees
  50GB $1 /month
  100GB $2 /month
  250GB $5 /month
  500GB $10 /month
  1TB $20 /month
  2TB $30 /month
  4TB $60 /month

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Why Should you backup your data?

Do you know that A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. More than 1 in 10 laptops will be stolen in their lifetime. All hard drives will crash during their lifetime.

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Why Us

SSH Backup Service.

No addition software needed.

We offer remote backup service with rsync, FTP, SecureFTP (SFTP) and SSH access. It also comes with a web interface with web based File manaer. Now you can backup your dedicated servers, shared hosting accounts, and VPS in to your 1DollarBackup account.

No File Size Limits, UNLIMITED Bandwidth, SCP Support, Rsync support helps you to reduce your bandwidth usage by 95%.

Try us 100% Risk Free.

There aren't long-term contracts, and we offer 7-Days Money Back Guarantee.

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1Dollar Backup Features

  • Cheap Prices as low as 2.0¢ per GB
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • FREE Setup.
  • Web interface
  • RSYNC, FTP, SFTP, SSH, SCP, Web Disk.
  • Web Based File Manager
Don't wait until all your data is gone.

Spend $1/Month and stay safe.

Our backup plans start from $1 Month.